Became a bit of a Geek when I got my first computer (C64) when I was 13. Spending hours typing out copies of programmes from computer magazines only for most of them to not work and then spending more hours trying to debug. Best C64 game I had was called Elite.

SharePoint Photo Albums

Use Document Library Hey, did you know that SharePoint Picture Libraries are no longer a thing? Yeah, you can’t even create a new one when making a new app. But don’t worry, you can just choose to create a Document…

Web Hosting with Cloudways

WordPress cloud hosting solution that is scalable, reasonably priced and most importantly is reliable with great customer support via 24/7 online chat. Cloudways is a company that specialises in cloud hosting. Cloud storage and web hosting are both very important…

MacOS 10.15.3 upgrade issue

Having recently upgraded to the latest MacOS Catalina, I discovered that the Apple App Store and Apple News no longer worked. Those two apps would just hang and a Force Quit would be required. After numerous tests including a complete…

How to Browse the Web Anonymously

There are plenty of reasons why you'd want to stay anonymous online. Whatever the reason, privacy online is becoming a big deal as it becomes clear how little of it we really have, thanks to ubiquitous website trackers that collect data on our movements.